Beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise water

Experience the journey to retreat…
To be replenished…

Liveitwell™ retreats offer everything from a morning or afternoon “mini retreat” at our liveitwell™ studio, to a weekend away, or a beautiful week at a tropical retreat!

It’s a time of empowerment for you…
Mind, body and spirit will be fed…

• Mini Day retreats
• Overnite /weekend retreats
• Destination week retreats

“Come and have fun and be replenished! . . . Mind, Body, Spirit.”

Amazing tropical resort locations

Be Still…

I invite you to experience the journey of a liveitwell retreat. Take the time just to Be Still…to breathe…to relax…to rest…to be replenished.

On beautiful private properties, you will be surrounded with the beauty of the destination…ocean breezes…the smell of fresh air…toes in white sand…hunting for sea shells…simple…beautiful…refreshing…restful…peaceful…

Your daily liveitwell breakfast will bless you each day…as well as several lunches and dinners. The menu will surprise you with the enjoyment of fresh fruits and veggies from the area. Enjoy morning stretches and early morning walks, enjoying the quiet time on the beach. Have fun shopping at local shops as well as unique dining. Laughter is good for the soul!

There will be times of personal reflection as well as group sharing in which those present can be inspired and encouraged. The kitchen will be a welcoming place to observe and participate in healthy meal preparation.

Is it time to just “Be Still”? Is it time to be refilled, refocused? Our spiritual retreats will give you an opportunity to experience just being still and coming to a deeper understanding of the gift you are. It will be amazing…


Sue Jordan

liveitwell™ Retreat Gallery

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