liveitwell™ Online Program

liveitwill 6 Week Program = BONUS 3 Week Program

Are you ready to nourish your SPIRIT, SOUL and BODY? Then Join us for this groundbreaking liveitwell™ program!

I am so very excited to roll out the NEW liveitwell™ program! The start date is October 21st running through December 16th. Classes are on Thursday evenings from 6:30pm-8pm. It’s time to roll this life transforming experience out there! It is God-centered. He is the One who can transform us…the only One♥!

The liveitwell™ course focuses on feeding the body 3 meals a day, and healthy snacks. Portion control in order, not about counting calories. There is an emphasis on decreasing processed sugar as well as other processed foods that do not give life to our bodies! It’s a lifestyle for a lifetime!

When joining our 9 Week Program (6 Week liveitwell Program + 21 Day BONUS Journey), you will be encouraged to share your food journals weekly allowing Sue, herself to give feedback. We are here as a community of believers to help hold each other accountable.

Fall Special! Limited time price for the holidays.

By Joining our 9 Week liveitwell™ Program for only $259 $239, you will get:

  • Access to the Bonus 3 Week Spirit, Soul and Body Journey as well as the 6 Week liveitwell™ program plus weekly LIVE sessions conducted on Zoom
  • A Private Facebook Group for community and daily motivational updates
  • Liveitwell™ Workbook and DVD (Mailed one week before the start of the 6 week series)
  • Liveitwell™ 21-Day Devotional Book
  • BONUS:  3 Week PREREQUISITE  Spirit, Soul and Body Journey. This journey is Faith based, according to the Truth of God’s Word. It will encompass nourishing the Spirit, Soul and Body for 3 weeks. This is such a special pre-requisite to catapult you into the 6 week program! This package is a NEW Package offered as a complimentary bonus to anyone who purchases the liveitwell™ Program. The 3 week packet includes 21-day liveitwell™ BONUS Cards, a liveitwell™ journal as well as liveitwell™ recipe cards!  This packet will be mailed out to you as soon as you purchase the liveitwell™ program.

Our goal is to create community with life lasting relationships with the liveitwell™ team, accountability and create life-changing habits that will transform your life and relationships! Let’s face it, we need God to be our center.

What’s the 3 Week Spirit, Soul and Body Journey?

This NEW, complementary prerequisite journey is FAITH centered to focus on how we nourish our Spirit Soul and Body, according to the Word of God which is the TRUTH.

The 21-Day Journey for your Spirit, Soul and Body will include a pack of 21 post cards to use each day on the 21 day journey. 

Program Dates run Every Thursday, starting October 21st through December 16th from 6:30pm to 8pm and are conducted on Zoom.

Our goal is to create community with life lasting relationships with the liveitwell™team, accountability and create life-changing habits that will  transform your life and relationships!