About Sue Jordan, Certified Life Coach

Sue Jordan, R.N.
Registered Nurse, Founder and Director of liveitwell™

Sue Jordan is a registered nurse with 45 years of experience in the health-care field. Sue is a wellness specialist, health coach, nutrition consultant and fitness trainer. Sue and her husband Paul are Connection Pastors at Church on the North Coast in Avon Lake, Ohio. She is a well known circuit speaker in corporations, civic and faith-based communities.


There is nothing generic about an individual. Each person is a gift—with a destiny.

Life is a process. Life is a journey. We have no idea where someone has been or what they have walked through. The blueprints of life can certainly influence our decisions, but unhealthy blueprints do not have to dictate our outcomes. There are many facets of our health and what we nourish our bodies with is key. The body is a living, whole being that needs nourishment to survive.

Group of women at liveitwell Retreat House

When I am blessed to meet with someone who has pain, decreased energy, or weight gain, one of the first questions I ask them is to share with me what their food choices are. It’s not just about buying the next diet gig—it’s not—it’s about this person and how I can help them. When I first meet someone, I have no idea what their blueprint has been, what they have walked through, or how they view food; all I know is that God has made that person unique, and there is no guilt! Yet, guilt can be devastating…

With all that being said, just know that I don’t have a “diet” to give you, but the steps to a transformed life is what I can assist you with. Ask yourself, “am I ready for this?” “Am I tired of doing what I have been doing and not feeling any different?” It’s not an overnight fix, it’s a journey of truth in what foods nourish the body as well as undoing past habits and past thoughts. Simple? I would be lying if I said it was…

Sue Jordan at the seashore

Know that you can’t do it alone—I could not either. All I know is that when I heard a Voice tell me, “Sue, you can’t do this anymore without telling people that I am there for them. Put Me in the middle of how to liveitwell!” I saw the “t” in liveitwell rise up and become a cross overlooking the live well. He is there for you! He will help you with your food choices. He will help you on this journey of wellness. I am no longer fearful to share this message with people. He has a plan for you, and it’s a good plan! It’s a plan to give you hope and a future. Are you ready to begin this journey? If you are, you are not alone!